The weekend is here!  I hope you enjoy some much-deserved relaxation this weekend.

Thank you for every share and donation you all have contributed to our fundraiser. This year is an important one for our school. We appreciate everyone’s support as we raise funds to start this school year off strong and safe. If you haven’t registered your student on funrun.com, it’s easy to do this weekend.

Then, consider sharing with extended family and friends. And if you are able to, consider making a donation as well.  Every share and donation adds up to make a big difference for our school.

If your family does get a donation this weekend, you’ll be part of the Weekend Challenge! Any student that gets a pledge for $2/for every minute danced or $60 in flat donations over the weekend will earn a special bonus prize that is only available this weekend!

Thank you for supporting Sumpter!

Have a great weekend!