The school district is working with a behavior model called PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports).  This program works with the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral competence of all students.  One way in doing this is with a ticket reward system for exhibiting the school’s core values.  These tickets the student know as RAYS tickets based off the school’s mascot the stingray.  Each school designs its program accordingly.  Sumpter Values:  Respectful, Act Responsible, Your Personal Best, Safe Choices.  Students can currently use the tickets toward whole school prizes, classroom prizes and for unique individual items and opportunities.  The tickets motivate students to make good choices and they remind staff to offer students praise for positive choices.

This year is also a great milestone for Sumpter as we are celebrating our 40th year as a school.  Our PBIS team wanted to combine and celebrate both events.  We have had many generous donations from businesses within our community that wanted to contribute to this celebration.  Starting on April 5th and continuing until June the students will have the opportunity to earn RAYS tickets that can be used to enter drawings toward the prizes we have received from the community.  These prizes are not just for individuals but numerous ones are designed with the whole family in mind.  We wanted you to be aware that if your student comes home with a prize it is because they have worked hard exhibiting Sumpter’s values and have earned a ticket(s) which has allowed them to enter the drawing and has won them one of our prizes.  While we are aware not everyone will win a prize, everyone will have an opportunity to.  We currently have over 60 prizes from McDonald’s dessert to a night for 4 at a Volcanoes game.  So, if your child tells you they won a $50.00 gift card at Padington’s Pizza or has tickets to WIngs and Waves, congratulations, they probably did.  If your student wins a prize valued at over $20.00 we will notify you either by phone or email so you can check your child’s backpack.

We wish all of the student’s good luck and we thank the generosity of all our local businesses.