Our bell schedule is changing to 7:50-2:20. This means that our doors will open at 7:35. On Wednesday, we will have a late start to allow staff to collaborate, so school starts at 8:50. This means doors on Wednesday will open at 8:35.

Why is the Bell Schedule Changing? For the past several years, the district has heard from families and educators that they want a later start time for older students and an earlier start time for younger students. Research shows many benefits of later start times for middle and high school students, as well as the district needed to align the district’s elementary schools to a similar schedule. The district believes that the new bell schedule will better serve the needs of students across the district and lead to improved outcomes at all levels. All schools will start one hour late on Wednesdays to give school staff a regular time for collaborating and planning support for students.

Why is there a weekly late start? The length of the school day allows limited time for staff to collaborate. Decades of research shows that the greatest positive impact on student learning is effective staff collaboration. The weekly late start supports this collaboration.