How to successfully and safely host class Zoom meetings! We need family support to do this!

  1. If the student is using a district Chromebook, do not close the Chrome browser or any of the tabs that open after login. At a minimum, students must leave the Zoom tab open all day for a better experience. If a student closes the tab, they will need to open Google Chrome and click the Zoom link on the district’s Home Page (click the Student Resources tab).
  2. If a student is using a non-district device, they need to open their default browser and navigate to (consider having this bookmarked). Click the Sign In button and sign into Google account. Keep this window open all day.
  3. As of today, clicking the teacher’s class meeting Zoom link will park the student in the waiting room for their meeting. Students that follow this process will show their full name in the waiting room (Kaden Diogostine in the example below). Others in your waiting room that are not logged into Zoom and possibly with bad intentions, will show as (Guest). Below is a real view that the teacher will see of a student that followed step 1 or 2 above and one that didn’t, can you tell which is which? Remember, just because they have (Guest) doesn’t mean they are bad. It just means that a student logged into Zoom as guest, will require the teacher to be more cautious and take extra steps to verify their identity. If the name looks like one of your students, district technology is suggesting teachers admit the student first and have them turn their camera on to visually confirm. Once the teacher has admitted the “Guests”, the teacher will go ahead and admit the rest of the students.


Q: Students are not able to join their class in Zoom, what should they do?

A: Follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • (District Chromebooks only) If the student is on a district Chromebook, start by restarting the Chromebook. Hold the Power Button for 2 seconds and select Power Off when it prompts on the screen
  • (District Chromebooks only) Try logging back in and wait for each tab to load completely and for Zoom to install (the student will see the blue Zoom icon in the Chromebook desktop). This can take as much as 2-3 minutes.
  • Verify the student has logged into Zoom in their web browser (this happens automatically on a district Chromebook)

Q: It is asking to Install from Chrome Web Store, what should the student do?

A: If a student sees the screen below, they need to let the Chromebook fully load all the tabs and install the Zoom app before joining their classroom Zoom meeting.

Q: Why is the quality of my Zoom meeting so bad?

A: Zoom has not properly scaled up for the millions of new customers over the last 6 months.


Q: What should a student do if they still have problems?

A: Call or email their school office or HomeCoach for support. There is also the district tech hotline that they can call.


Q: How will inappropriate behavior in a classroom Zoom Meeting be addressed?

A: Teachers have been instructed to remain calm, mute and remove the misbehaving attendee (preferred) or shut down the meeting. Appropriate school staff will connect with the teacher, student, and the student’s family to discuss what happened and determine next steps which could be a loss of computer privileges. Families of other students involved or exposed will also be contacted.